Take Control of Your Inventory

Purchase Orders.
With a Single Click.

Stockt uses automation to let you know when it’s time to order replacement inventory. Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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Multiple Inventories.
One Screen.

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses and make sure you have the stock you need to meet demand. All at the push of a button.

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Sales Insights.
Tailored for You.

Find out which products are winners and which need to be sunsetted with analytics that monitor sales, profit margins & more.

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Sales insights

1-Click POs

Inventory visualized

Full Integration With The Most Popular Platforms

Take control of your inventory being sold on the most visited e-commerce sites. With full integration across world-class platforms like Amazon and Shopify, managing your stock has never been easier. And we’re just getting started.

Time Saved,
Money Made.

The days of scanning through emails, monitoring inventory reports, and forecasting restocks are over. Stockt takes on that load of work for you, and saves some headaches in the process.

Your New
Shipment Tracker.

Track all active and pending shipments by the hour, hosted all in one dashboard.

Always Stocked.
Always Ready.

Make sure you never loose sales due to lack of inventory again with updates that let you know when you are running low on stock.

Supplier Relationships.
By the Numbers.

Driven by Data, numerous stats to help make inventory and sales decisions simple.

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Find a plan that’s right for you

Every Stockt subscription comes with a free 30-day trial to make sure it is the right fit for you. We’re betting it is, and that the platform will pay for itself once you choose one of the service tiers below. Also, don’t worry. After your trial is over, we’ll let you know before we start charging.

Getting started

$19 / month

30 days free trial

1.000 Orders per month


2 Warehouses

Up to 50 SKUS

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Rising Star

$59 / month

30 days free trial

3.000 Orders per month


3 Warehouses

Up to 250 SKUS

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$99 / month

30 days free trial

10.000 Orders per month


5 Warehouses

Up to 1000 SKUS

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Stockt for?

Our mission is to empower every online seller with the tools they need to maximize the efficiency of their business. Stockt is here to support small sellers with teams and multi-channel inventories with a data-driven inventory management platform.

How much does Stockt cost?

The good news is that you can currently run Stockt Beta for free. We do plan to charge a nominal fee in the future, but this will be significantly lower than Amazon’s seller subscription.

Which Amazon Marketplaces does Stockt work on?

Currently we support the US Amazon Marketplace; however we are already planning to offer it to other Marketplaces soon.