Lost Sales Tracker

Understand how much your supply chain is impacting your revenue, enabling you to identify costly gaps

Inventory Automation

Purchase orders and stock transfers in a single-click. Its like your business on auto pilot

Profit Investigator

Sleuth out which products are the most profitable and by how much. Make product decisions backed by hard data

How does Stockt work?

Connect your channels

Quickly link Stockt to Amazon and Shopify in under 30 seconds. We pull vital sales data for precise inventory tracking and sales forecasting.

Stockt crunches your numbers

With your current sales data, Stockt processes sales metrics, analyzes warehouse details, and crafts accurate sales forecasts.

Automate stock transfers and purchase orders

Stockt calculates the exact amounts for your stock transfers and purchase orders. We alert you ahead of time, ensuring you're always timely in replenishing stock. Stay a step ahead and focus on growing your business.

Uncover Hidden Losses with Lost Sales Tracker

Dive deep into how your supply chain affects your bottom line. With the Lost Sales Tracker, Stockt reveals potential earnings missed due to supply chain inefficiencies. Rediscover and reclaim those lost opportunities.

Who is Stockt for?

Stock helps small business owners by automating tedious inventory tasks preemptively. Designed from the ground up for easy setup, and information that helps you make decisions, not fill spreadsheets. Whether you are a one person company working out of your apartment or a fledgling retail startup. Stockt has your back.

Stop losing sales due to stockouts

Try our Lost Sales Tracker today free to understand your supply chain better, and see for yourself.

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Find a plan that’s right for you

Every Stockt subscription comes with a free 30-day trial to make sure it is the right fit for you. We’re betting it is, and that the platform will pay for itself once you choose one of the service tiers below. Also, don’t worry. After your trial is over, we’ll let you know before we start charging.

Getting Started


order icon

300 Orders per month

channels icon

1-Channel (Amazon or Shopify)

warehouse icon


skus icon

Up to 25 SKUS

Rising Star

$29 / month

star icon

30-Day Free Trial

order icon

3,000 Orders per month

channels icon

2-Channels (Amazon and/or Shopify)

warehouse icon


skus icon

Up to 250 SKUS

Making Waves

$49 / month

star icon

30-Day Free Trial

orders icon

10,000 Orders per month

channels icon

2-Channels (Amazon and/or Shopify)

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skus icon

Up to 1000 SKUS

Frequently asked questions

What is Stockt? How does it work?

Stockt is an intuitive inventory management platform tailored for small e-commerce sellers. With Stockt, you can:

  • Automate and track inventory across multiple channels
  • Create purchase orders with one click
  • Receive alerts for low inventory and lost sales
  • Maintain optimal stock levels to avoid excess fees

Stockt integrates with the marketplaces you sell on, aggregates the data, and forecasts your inventory needs. It allows you to understand key aspects of your store, enabling more informed decisions and efficient inventory management.

How much does Stockt cost?

Try Stockt free for 30 days, or choose our free plan.
After your trial expires, choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business, with both free and paid options available.

Which marketplaces does Stockt integrate with?

Stockt works seamlessly with Amazon and Shopify in the USA. But our journey doesn't end there! We're geared up and ready to expand to new territories - Canada, UK, and AUS are next on our radar. Interested in being part of our early rollouts in these markets? Don't hesitate to reach out at support@stockt.app. Let's conquer these new frontiers together!

My business is pretty small, do I really need an inventory management tool?

Unless you're a die-hard spreadsheet fan, concocting your own Excel magic, with time to spare and a knack for tracking everything manually, the answer is: most likely yes.

See, inventory management tools like Stockt are like your business's best friend. They handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on growth. Remember, even the greatest ventures start small, but with the right tools, they don't stay that way!"

How would I actually make more money with Stockt?

Stockt empowers store owners to increase profits in two significant ways. Firstly, by preventing stockouts - after all, you can't profit from what you don't have in stock! Secondly, we help you dodge excessive storage fees from Amazon or third-party logistics providers that can erode your earnings. Our automated system maintains optimal stock levels, mitigates the risk of dead inventory, and sends proactive notifications so you can take action ahead of time.

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